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Alabama Extension has named Amelia Mitchell as the new County Extension Coordinator for Mobile County. Mitchell is no stranger to Extension as she has served as a regional Extension agent in the Food Safety and Quality program since 2005. She began her new duties Nov. 1.

 “I continue to love what I do. Having this opportunity to serve all communities in Mobile County further extends my career efforts to focus whole-heartedly on improving the lives of citizens of this great county through community education. I feel confident that I will provide leadership to the local Extension Team as we broaden the efforts of ACES while continuing to provide valuable educational programming. I am extremely grateful for this incredible opportunity,” Mitchell said.
As a regional agent, Mitchell excelled in program planning and obtaining financial support for programs through grants, program fees and donations. She generated more than $20,000 in cost recovery funds annually through the ServSafe program. She trained more than 1,000 foodservice managers in South Alabama since 2012. She also worked collaboratively with county and regional agents across program lines on special projects as well as other partnering organizations.
Mitchell has worked in the private and public sector. While serving in supervisory roles in the food processing industry, she managed and trained more than 30 quality assurance inspectors, performed internal audits, managed budgets, managed processes, systems and documentation and monitored product handling practices.
A graduate of Alabama A&M University, Mitchell received her undergraduate degree in food science technology in 2000 and received her master’s degree in adult education from Auburn University in 2011. She is a certified ServSafe Food Safety trainer, certified Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point trainer for seafood, meat and poultry and is Better Process Control School certified in commercial canning.
 “As a former regional Extension agent, Amelia excelled in creativity, planning, implementation and evaluation of ACES programs.  Further, she was excellent with people and served her geographical area tirelessly and with passion as a leader and subject-matter expert.  I know she will bring these same qualities to her role as the County Extension Coordinator for Mobile County,” said Stan Windham, Extension assistant director, program operations and innovations.