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Grant Lyons is the new County Extension Coordinator for Alabama Extension's Coffee County office. Lyons served as interim County Extension Coordinator for Coffee County since late 2014, while also working as the CEC for Pike County. Lyons will now transition into the singular role of CEC for Coffee County.

"I've had a chance to serve as the interim CEC for the past few months, so I'm very excited about being in Coffee full-time and getting involved in programming and building new relationships as quickly as possible," said Lyons. "I also look forward to working with many people I already know."

In 2011, Lyons began working with the Alabama Cooperative Extension System as the County Extension Coordinator for Pike County. Lyons also holds a master's degree in Adult Education from Auburn University.

"Pike County has been tremendous and I value so much the relationships I have made over the past four years. Likewise, I look forward to building new relationships in Coffee County."

During his time as CEC in Pike County, Lyons has been a member of the Pike County Chamber of Commerce board of directors, and served on the Commerce Marketing, Leadership Pike, Hospitality and Farm City Committees, as well as serving as the chair of the Business Development Committee. In addition to his active participation in the Pike County Chamber of Commerce, Lyons was a member of the Pike County farmers market board of directors, the Pike County Treasure Forest Association, the Pike County and Coffee County Cattleman's Associations, the Alabama Association of County Agricultural Agents and Specialists, the Extension Rural Community & Economic Development Advisory Committee, the Extension Budget Advisory Committee, and also a member of the Alabama Association of Extension 4-H Agents.

"Grant brings a wealth of experience and talent to any job he takes on. He has excelled wherever he has been - Samford University as well as the Alabama Cooperative Extension System," said Stanley Windham, assistant director of Program Operations Innovations at Alabama Extension. "I am sure Grant will be impactful and innovative in his new role as the CEC for Coffee County."

Lyons enjoys the role of County Extension Coordinator because it allows him to serve the citizens of Alabama and improve their quality of life. As he steps into the role of CEC of Coffee County, Lyons is looking forward to the opportunities to serve the citizens and is planning on furthering the disaster education and emergency preparedness of the community.

"The Pike County Emergency Management Agency Director and I developed a great disaster education curriculum and program, primarily for youth that teaches the science behind disasters and how to be prepared and stay safe," said Lyons. "We have been piloting the program this past year throughout Pike and Coffee counties, and I look forward to continuing to implement the program and creating partnerships with the community that will bring awareness to the program and its efforts to build more educated and prepared communities," Lyons added.