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Alabama Extension administrators honored Extension professionals from Washington County at a recent Washington County Commission meeting. The Washington County Extension team was recognized for its efforts in expanding the county’s 4-H program.

Alabama Extension director Gary Lemme presented the county with the Centennial Youth Initiative Crystal Clover.

Washington County earned the distinction because of their excellence across the 4-H programming spectrum. These areas of excellence are:           

  • Forming a unified Alabama 4-H team and program
  • Utilizing consistent research-based curriculum resources
  • Diversifying delivery modes tailored to today’s youth
  • Promoting plan-of-work development and teamwork at all levels
  • Aligning staff and position assignments to support program resources and delivery modes


“These professionals have done an amazing job of revitializing the 4-H program in Washington County,” said Lemme. “I am tremendously proud of them and what they have accomplished.”


In addition to the CYI Crystal Clover, Lemme presented Washington County professionals Brandon Strickland, Sarah Butterworth and Stacy Ferguson with CYI Medallions.


Strickland, Washington County Extension coordinator, said the award was the culmination of several years of hard work dedicated to 4-H.


 “Three years ago, there were less than 10 young people enrolled in 4-H in our county,” he said. “Now almost 1000 youth are enrolled in 4-H in our county.”


Currently there are 14 active 4-H clubs in the county. In addition to in-school 4-H clubs, there are a number of special interest clubs including an equestrian club, a wildlife club and one focused on leadership.


Butterworth previously served both Washington and Mobile counties as a regional 4-H agent. Thanks to the county earning CYI status, Extension will hire a new Alabama 4-H Foundation agent to serve only Washington County.


Strickland added the team is excited about the opportunity to expand the 4-H program in the county.


“We will offer high quality educational programs that benefit our county’s youth. Here in Washington County, we will continue to “Make the Best Better” through 4-H.

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