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The Mississippi-Alabama 2014 Rural Tourism Conference is set for Oct. 20-22 in Greenwood, Mississippi. The conference is geared toward anyone interested in rural tourism and improving tourism in their community.Keasal.jpg

Doyle Keasal, a forestry and wildlife specialist with the Alabama Cooperative Extension System, will be speaking  Oct. 22 at 8:30 a.m. on the Alabama Master Naturalist (AMN) program.

The AMN program promotes awareness, understanding and respect of Alabama’s natural world among its citizens and visitors. The program also develops a statewide corps of well-informed volunteers to provide education, outreach and service within their communities.

 “Alabama is a great place to come if you’re interested in nature,” Keasal said. “There are a lot of opportunities and unique places to see.”

The wildlife attractions Alabama offers to its visitors and residents range from sandhill cranes and other water fowl migrating through the state to manatees in the coastal areas during the summer months.

Keasal added that Alabama is a great place for retirees. “It’s a great place to retire permanently or to visit, and because of our climate, people can enjoy the outdoors year-round.”

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About Doyle Keasal

Keasal joined Alabama Extension in June 2003 in the forestry, wildlife and natural resources area, and has since added 4-H youth and development to his responsibilities.

Before joining Extension, Keasal taught for the Auburn City School System for 15 years and taught for 6 years in the Houston Independent School System in Houston, Texas. He earned a bachelor’s degree from Huntington University and a master’s degree in education from University of Houston. He also attended Auburn University and Eastern Michigan Universtiy.

Keasal’s interest in natural resources stems back to his childhood while growing up on a dairy farm in Michigan and the time spent exploring the woods and fields near his home.​