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The Chambers County Fruit Workshop is set for June 24 for anyone interested in the fruit-growing business. The workshop will be located at Monroe Farms in Five Points beginning at 9 a.m. and ending at 11 a.m.

blueberries The workshop focuses on the production and management practices of fruit crops including site selection, plant selection, irrigation, proper pruning and insect management. Fruits that will be discussed include blueberries, blackberries and muscadines.

William East, regional agent with the Alabama Cooperative Extension System, says the goal is to know how to manage fruit crops for better production. "It's important for commercial growers and home growers to know what to plant, what to avoid and how to properly manage their fruit crops," East says. "A lot of people know how to prune ornamental plants, but fruit is different."

The first half of the workshop will be in a classroom setting, and then participants will walk through a vineyard and have more of a hands-on lesson about fruit management.

For more information contact East at 256-846-0314 or