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Alabama Extension 4-H Staff in Marengo County Recognized by County Commission

The Marengo County Commission recently recognized Alabama Extension professionals for their outstanding service to the county's 4-H program. The county staff received the Crystal Clover, which recognizes it as a 4-H Centennial Youth Initiative County.

Alabama Extension's Associate Director Dr. Paul Brown presented the award and medals of excellence to the 4-H Team.

"We established the Centennial Youth Initiative in 2014," Brown said. "We asked each county to put together a county 4-H team to develop a plan of work for the future that would get young people engaged as we move forward," Dr. Brown said. "The Marengo County 4-H program has grown by leaps and bounds in the last few years. It now has more than 800 members ages 9 to 18 and reaches more than 1,400 students in K-12 through all of its programs.

Marengo County is one of 22 counties in Alabama designated as a CYI county.

"CYI status is a great achievement for our 4-H team. I look forward to moving our program forward and working with the young people in our county," said Pam Stenz, Marengo County Extension coordinator.

In addition to the award of CYI county status, Beth Yates is now assigned as the full-time 4-H Club Foundation regional agent for Marengo County. The funding for this agent is provided by Alabama Extension and the 4-H Club Foundation. 

"All of the hard work of the past two years has come to a moment of celebration and reflection. The future looks bright as we focus our efforts on the 4-H programs in Marengo County," said Yates.

The Centennial Youth Initiative (CYI) is committed to developing 4-H programs in Alabama to increase access so that more youth can participate in the program, and to enhance the learning experiences  available to young people. The award is based on the following standards of excellence in Alabama 4-H programming:

  • Forming a unified Alabama 4-H team and program        
  • Utilizing consistent research-based curriculum resources
  • Diversifying delivery modes tailored to today's youth
  • Promoting plan-of-work development and teamwork at all levels
  • Aligning staff and position assignments to support program resources and delivery modes