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Alabama Extension’s Wilcox County  office has a new County Extension Coordinator.  Tamika Glover began work May 1.
Dial has worked in the secondary education system for more than 15 years where she served in various teaching and supervisory positions at Alabama Southern Community College. For 12 months, she served as assistant interim campus director for the Demopolis campus.  She was responsible for the day to day operation of the campus; supervised faculty and staff, provided employee orientation, helped make class schedules and assisted students in decision making and problem solving.
Just prior to her employment with Alabama Extension, she was the team leader in Adult Education and Workforce Development instructor for Marengo County/Linden Adult Education Program.
 “Tamika has an extensive background as an educator and brings a wealth of knowledge and applicable leadership skills to her new role.  Welcome and best wishes Tamika” said Stan Windham, assistant director Program Operations & Innovations with Alabama Extension. 
Dial holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Management from Stillman College and a Master of Science degree In Continuing Education, specializing in counseling psychology, and an Education Specialist degree in counseling from the University of West Alabama .   
“I feel privileged and also honored to serve as Wilcox County Extension Coordinator.  I look forward to
working with local government and citizens in the county through programs that the Alabama
Cooperative Extension Services offers,” said Dial.