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January 23
Green for Life!

In this week’s podcast, I visit with Professor Charlene LeBleu, associate professor of landscape architecture at Auburn University, about an interdisciplinary project that worked to solve stormwater runoff problems at a community center in Auburn.  This project is a wonderful example of what can be accomplished when diverse groups work together to solve problems. Students, guided by faculty, created the plan but it was a joint effort of students, the city of Auburn and citizens who live near the center that got the job done.

image Landscape architecture graduate students and undergraduates in the College of Architecture, Design and Construction  worked with student volunteers and  community residents to design and complete this project, using multiple Best Management Practices to address the stormwater runoff problems. They installed two bioswales, three rain gardens and four 1,000 gallon cisterns.

These features will benefit the local watershed in several ways.

    •Reduction in pollutant load to receiving waters

    •Reduction of sediment load to receiving waters

    •Demonstration site for BMP education

    •Increased awareness of watershed water quality and improved management of runoff by user groups, educators and area residents

But the Green for Life! program is two-fold. First, there were the green retrofits to the community center, but also the program is about education. 

An green education curriculum was created to empower children and students to take their new “green knowledge” home and to learn how “greening” the community will help to make communities stronger.

This curriculum targets after-school students, GreenKidz for Life! for grades K–8 and GreenTeenz for Life! for grades 9–12, by providing special indoor and outdoor classroom field days that offer green educational opportunities.

Listen to our conversation here in this week’s podcast to learn more about how stormwater problems were mitigated.

More about the Boykin Community Center Green for Life Project:


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