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January 25
Container Gardening

big containerThere are lots of folks who would love to grow flowers or maybe a tomato or two, but they just don’t have any suitable ground to grow in.  They don’t have to give up their dreams.  They need to consider alternative growing options.  One of the easiest options is to grow in containers.  You can grow almost any flower or many vegetables in containers successfully—provided you give the plants the right conditions.

Why Grow In Containers
  • You have limited gardening space is limited.
  • You don’t have much time to spare for gardening.
  • Your have limited mobility.
  • Your gardening site is unsuitable for growing for any number of reasons.

You can have great containers bursting with flowers or overflowing with vegetables all season long if you remember a few key points.

potting mix Things to Remember
  • Container must have drainage holes.
  • Container must be large enough to support your plants at maturity.
  • Growing medium must drain well, but still hold adequate water.
  • Transplants should be healthy and disease free.
  • Do not allow your containers to dry out.

I grow many of my vegetables in containers because this is the only way I can avoid having deer eat all of my plants.  If you have not done container gardening in the past, I suggest you start with a few pots.  If you go all out and plant lots of containers, you may find yourself unable to care for them all.

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