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Autauga County 4-H Horse Club Members Compete at State and Regional 4H Horse Shows

Several members of the Autauga County 4-H Horse Club, a program of the Alabama Cooperative Extension System, competed in the Alabama 4-H Horse Show at Garrett Coliseum in Montgomery July 11- 15, 2016.  Subsequently, several team members qualified and competed in the 2016 Southern Regional 4-H Horse Championships in Perry, Georgia July 27-31, 2016. 

The events ranged from educational activities, an art show, creative writing, and an array of mounted events.

 "I could not be more proud of our 4-H Horse Club members. They are a great group of competitors and leaders," stated Ms. Darrue Sharpe, Autauga County Extension Coordinator. 

Autauga County 4-H Horse Club members who competed this year in the Alabama 4-H Horse Show are as follows: 

Taylor Coleman 4th Place Poster Contest, Jr.; Daisie Hilbish member of 2nd Place Horse Judging Team, Jr., member of 2nd Place Quiz Bowl Team, Jr., 5th Place in Individual Horse Judging reasons Jr, 4th Place in Creating Writing Jr, 7th Place in Artistic Expression Jr, 7th Place in Art Work Jr, 8th Place for Color Photography Jr, 10th Place in Photo Story Jr, 8th Place in Pole Bending Jr, 9th Place in Arena Race Jr, 5th Place in Stake Race Jr, and 4th Place in Barrels Jr; Thomas Hilbish 5th Place Hippology Individual Stations and 7th Place Overall Hippology Individual Horse Judging; Josie Jones 2nd Place Individual Hippology Jr. Written Exam, 9th Place Individual Hippology, Jr. Overall, 3rd Place Stake Race, Jr. ; Lindsey Langford member of 2nd Place Quiz Bowl Team, Jr.,  1st Place Overall Hippology Team Sr., member of 1st Place Hippology Team Sr. Problem, and 5th Place Individual Judging Phase Hippology Sr., 1st Place Senior Individual Hippology Overall in Stations, 2nd Place Senior Hippology Individual Overall Writing Exam, 1st Place Senior Hippology Overall Individual Sr., 6th Place Barrels Sr., 3rd Place Pole Bending Sr., 2nd Place Stake Race Sr., and 5th Place Arena Race Sr.; Anna Powell  member First Place Hippology Team, Jr. Problem, member of 2nd Place Hippology Team Jr Overall Jr, 4th Place Artistic Expression Jr, 6th Place Altered Photography Jr, 4th Place Stake Race Jr., 5th Place Barrels Jr., 6th Place Pole Bending Jr.; Payton Scroggins member of 1st Place Hippology Team Jr., 2nd Place in Individual Presentation Jr., 2nd Place in Team Presentation Jr., 2nd in Consumer Choice Jr., 2nd in Creative Writing Jr., 2nd in Artistic Expression Jr., 2nd in Colored Photography Jr, 7th in Black and White Photography Jr, 3rd in Photo Story Jr, 1st in Individual Hippology Jr, 5th in Hippology Written Exam Jr., 1st Hippology Stations Jr., 4th in Hippology Horse Judging Jr., 1st Place for Horse Judging Jr., 3rd Place on Reasons Jr., 2nd Place Overall Horse Judging Jr.. 2nd in Barrels Jr., 3rd Place in Arena Race Jr., 1st Place in Pole Bending Jr.; Raygan Smith 2nd Place in Stake Race, Jr., 6th Place Arena Race, Jr., 6th Place Model Horse scene, Jr., 9th Photo Story, Jr.; Dakota Wilson member of 2nd Place Horse Judging Team, Jr., 6th place in individual questions, 4th place individual horse judging, 9th place in altered photography, and 19th place in black and white photography.

At state show, both equestrian drill teams placed with the Senior team placing 2nd and the Junior team placing 3rd.  Senior drill team members include Clark Alford, Whiddon Alford, Daisie Hilbish, Venessa Machowitz, Anna Powell, and Payton Scroggins.  Junior team members include Taylor Coleman, Josie Jones, Alexis Scott, and Raygan Smith. 

The senior educational team qualified for the Regional 4-H Show in Perry, GA to compete in the Regional 4-H Horse Show.  The senior team placed 5th Overall in Horse Judging.  Lindsey Langford placed 6th Overall Individual Horse Judging and Thomas Hilbish placed 10th in Overall Individual Horse Judging.



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