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Reported by Amy Burgess

This year’s Northeast Alabama 4-H Pig Squeal Show and Auction was held Saturday, April 20, 2013 at the Sand Rock Livestock Pavillion.  Twenty two 4-H members from Cherokee and Etowah Counties received two fifty pound pigs in December and have been raising them since that time.  The program was designed for them to learn producJohnQuinn.jpgtion management techniques, fiscal responsibility and time management skills.  The project culminated on Saturday with the 4-H members bringing their best pig to the show and then to have it auctioned off for processing.  The average weight per pig was 298 pounds and the average price per pound received for the pigs was $1.33.  Below are the results of the show.  We would like to thank all of the auction buyers and supporters of this program.  Also, please join us in congratulating these hard working 4-H members:

Class 1 Showmanship (Ages 9-11):  1st:  Carley Wagers (Etowah County), 2nd place:  Ainsley Davis (Cherokee County), 3rd place:  Alana Loyd (Cherokee County), 4th place:  Jackson Osborne (Etowah County), and 5th place:  Grace Rogers (Cherokee County)

 Class 2 Showmanship (Ages 12-13):  1st place:  Wesley Rogers (Cherokee County), 2nd place:  James Issac Rogers (Cherokee County), 3rd place:  Ethan Tillery (Cherokee County), 4th place:  Alex Self (Cherokee County), and 5th place:  Jeremy Chambers (Cherokee County)

Class 3 Showmanship (ages 14 and up):  1st place:  Garret Tillery (Cherokee County), 2nd place:  Cara Parker (Cherokee County), 3rd place:  McKayla Self (Cherokee County), 4th place:  Zena Roden (Etowah County), and 5th place:  Hannah Wise (Etowah County)
Grand Champion Showman:  Wesley Rogers (Cherokee County)
Reserve Champion Showman:  Carly Wagers (Etowah County)

Class 4 Light weight hogs:  1st place:  Zena Roden (Etowah County), 2nd place:  Dalton Martin (Etowah County), 3rd place:  Grace Rogers (Cherokee County), 4th place:  Noah Spiker (Etowah County), and 5th place:  Ainsley Davis (Cherokee County)

Class 5 Light-Medium weight hogs:  1st place:  Cara Parker (Cherokee County), 2nd place:  Hannah Wise (Etowah County), 3rd place:  Alana Loyd (Cherokee County), and 4th place:  Alex Self (Cherokee County)

Class 6 Medium weight hogs:  1st place:  Wesley Rogers (Cherokee County), 2nd place:  Kristynn Quinn (Etowah County), and 3rd place:  Matthew Holbrooks (Cherokee County).

Class 7 Medium-Heavy weight hogs:  1st place:  Carley Wagers (Etowah County), 2nd place:  James Isaac Rogers (Cherokee County), 3rd place:  McKayla Self (Cherokee County), and 4th place:  Ethan Tillery (Cherokee County)
Class 8 Heavy weight hogs:  1st place:  Jackson Osborne (Etowah County), 2nd place:  Garrett Tillery (Cherokee County), and 3rd place:  Jeremy Chambers (Cherokee County)
Grand Champion Market Hog:  Carley Wagers (Etowah County)
Reserve Champion Market Hog:  Jackson Osborne (Etowah County)
CarleyWagers.jpgCarley Wagers of Southside in Etowah County exhibited the Grand Champion hog at this year’s Northeast Alabama 4-H Pig Squeal Show and Auction. 
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